Modern art or…

…did you know that cupcake/muffin trays are essential when baking?!

My daughter and I decided to have a go at baking and decorating some fancy cupcakes. There was a lot of mixture so I put a set of cupcake cases on a baking tray to bake along with those in the cupcake/muffin tray. Let us just say the outcome was not what I was expecting. Who knew I had a talent for cupcake art! As you can see those that were cooked in the cupcake/muffin tray came out as expected. The sprawling mess was demolished while still warm I might add. You cannot believe how utterly delighted I was with the finished product. How often do you make something that looks like the photo in the cook book and they were delicious. These will not be a one time bake methinks. Especially seeing that my daughter does not like marshmallows, so Mum & Dad get to eat the flower ones, not just the bases where my darling girl has only eaten the icing!

Of course without downplaying my incredible culinary skills (tee hee!) these are much easier to make than the final product looks. If you want to given them a go, they are courtesy of the Australian Women’s Weekly Fresh Food for Babies & Toddlers cookbook. I highly recommend this cookbook for new parents by the way. We still make meals from this that the whole family really enjoys.

A wee treat

I am quite a big believer in the saying “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”, and today I found exactly that.

cupcakes north melbourneSo what did I find … I found Natalie’s cupcakes.  Now I am a regular omnivore, but these happen to be vegan cupcakes.  They were divine, and good value – always a winning combination in my book. Today I purchased four different flavoured mini cupcakes for $3.  As you will see in the photo there are only three, that is because I just couldn’t wait and had to eat one!  I was thinking that for many mums there is a keenness to return a body shape to a former glory (by the way I think post baby bodies are glorious just the way they are). But I reckon what a great way to have a little bit of what you fancy and not feel bad!

North Melbourne Market North Melbourne MarketSo where did I find these?  At the North Melbourne Market, hosted by the Thread Den that takes place at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street once a month.  It has been running for a few years now.  I always had the intention of going for a look-see, but for some reason the hardly exorbitant $2 door fee had put me off.  Fortunately last Spring Fling there was free entry and so I ventured in for the first time.  There was some amazing craft items for sale. I remember thinking if you were looking for an original gift this would be a place to come shopping.  A flyer came in the mailbox and I noticed free entry, which was sufficient to entice me for a second visit.  Funnily enough have now found out that it is now free entry on an ongoing basis, so suspect may become a more frequent visitor.  I would certainly go back for Natalie’s cupcakes!