Made in North Melbourne, still going strong

It has been a long time, perhaps two years, since I have made mention of my Etsy shop. To be fair there has been a lot happening, and the blog and the Etsy store are kind of separate identities, albeit with a passing reference to each other.

However there has been a flurry of activity this year. My sales are at an all time high – there has been three this year! A scarf and two recycled bracelets have sold. Of course insufficient to generate a living income but the excitement of someone buying something you have made is unbelievably rewarding. My new sock fetish has now made its way into my shop and I am in the process of knitting baby and toddler socks for my Made in North Melbourne brand.

Speaking of socks I have this week made the most fabulous purchase, the Sock Ruler®, the invention of one Denise in California. I am only a beginner sock knitter and so all you guns out there may laugh, but I find it a tad awkward when trying to accurately measure the length of my work in progress socks. No longer. My Sock Rulers arrived in the mail on Friday and were used today – utterly brilliant. If you live in Australia the place to get them is Kathys Fibres in Adelaide – she is very friendly by email; if you are in another part of the world the stockists can be found here. That gorgeous blue sock yarn below I purchased in April 2015 with the intent of making my first pair of socks. After two and a half years I am least pleased to say that I am knitting the very first pair of socks for me! And the afore mentioned first use of the Sock Ruler® was on the cuff of the first sock. I look forward to showing you the finished product.




I have done it!

A sense of achievement is a wonderful feeling, and I have it right now.  I launched my Etsy shop (Made In North Melbourne) this week.  My original intention was to wait until I had five items before launching the shop, but I had also set myself a go live target of the 30th June.  I achieved neither and have gone ahead anyway!  I am calling it a soft launch.  The reality is that I have another three items completed, that just need the final finishing of sewing threads in, so in a short while there will be more stock. The pieces I have started with are simple, but already my creative ideas are starting to flow; I scribbled a design on paper this morning, and without the simple that would not happen.

I am very proud of myself.  Towards the end of last year this was just an imagining, which I didn’t let go, and now it is real.  Especially now that I am back to full time work.  Have I said how much I miss my non-working Fridays and spending the day with my little girl – three weeks and counting every one of them.  In honour of my daughter the first item is a toddler girl’s scarf.  And perhaps with both effort and luck, who knows I may get more than just my Friday’s back!