Current definition of p*ssed off!

We are conscientious in the purchase of goods, an example being buying refills instead of a whole new bottle. With a small child (ok and with messy adults!) spray on stain remover is bloody useful. Bought the refill the other day as getting towards low on the existing bottle. This morning it was time to do the swap over. Not being wasteful I tip the last little bit from the old bottle into the new bottle and then go to screw on the spray part of the bottle. They have changed the bloody size – it does not fit. I am not known as a swearer but I dropped the f-bomb (small child not in the house so no ears were harmed). So I then had to pour the entirely new bottle into the old bottle. I can tell you this is not the way to start a day. P*ssed off! Having vented I now feel much better.

The idea you wish you had…

We all know the different views on cloth versus disposable nappies.  One of the considerations for parents who use disposable nappies is the environmental impact.  And then you stumble upon something and you go –  why didn’t I think of that?!

How cool is this – a business that composts disposable nappies.  And it is affordable – the $41.50 option for six bags, each holding approximately two weeks worth of nappies – that works out at just under 50c a day in NZ$.  Without actually doing the maths I would say there is no way you could wash a day’s worth of cloth nappies for that.

And with a touch of national pride, it is so great to see kiwi ingenuity at work.  I wish them every success in the world.