Garter drop stitch scarf

I am hooked, and not in the crochet sense of the word (a skill I have yet to try, let alone acquire). I am hooked on a knitting stitch, the garter drop stitch, which I starting knitting with to make myself a scarf with part of my Christmas purchase. I took this in-progress scarf with me when I visited my sister (because who does not take knitting with them when they fly internationally?!). Last year I took the baby blanket I was knitting with me to Fiji – it never left the suitcase! Anyway, in a moment of sisterly love I asked my sister if she would like a scarf. Initially she was not keen, but because I was so taken with what I was making for myself I showed her, and it was easy to convince her to say yes. She ended up picking a lovely peacock green for hers. Now I am not the world’s fastest knitter, but sit down before I tell you this, I have already finished the scarf and my sister actually has it for this winter. I know – I have fallen off my own chair! The photos do not entirely do my sister’s scarf justice. There is a strong possibility that I may even finish my own before the end of winter. And do not tell anyone but I may have started another scarf with this stitch already – in a bold move I am varying the yarn wraps to vary the length of the drop stitch. It is this version that will have me blocking for the very first time in my life – a new knitting adventure that awaits!

From hank to ball and a new stitch

Over Christmas I visited Hokitika for the first time – the joy of family who relocate enabling you to see new places. For some unknown reason I did a bit of advance preparation, as in I found out there was the world famous, or “perhaps world famous in NZ” Sock World Hokitika – here is their website and facebook page. Small town NZ is a large part of my childhood so I love to support local endeavours. And while I am absolutely not the world’s best sock knitter – I have yet to even try knitting a pair of socks – I am of course craft curious, and my before I went search had alerted me to the fact that they may have also sold yarn… And of course it was the yarn that I was after, I wanted to buy something that I would associate with the place.

For my little girl, with her input (have to have that these days unless you are keen to start WW3!) I have three hanks of beautiful 10 ply Waterspout Felted Yarn (75% superfine merino 25% possum). It is so light and soft. No idea what I will make for her yet, but that is part of the adventure. There is a beautiful hint of black in the yarn.

Anyway last night for the very first time I took a hank of yarn and created a ball of yarn. I am so proud of myself! It is a huge ball – I put the tape measure in the photo for a sense of scale, it is about 12 cm in diameter. I followed the sage advice from Craftsy here, and in reading the comments there was a great tip about continuing to wrap the yarn around your finger as you create the ball; it worked a treat.

Sock World HokitikaSo what am I going to make with the beautiful sea green teal that I bought for myself? What I initially wanted to make is the utterly gorgeous pleated scarf by Jen Geizen on the left below, but alas I do not have enough yarn. I suspect I may go out and buy enough of some other yarn to make that scarf – I love it! Instead I am going to try a new stitch – the garter drop stitch – the effect looks amazing, yet the technique appears rather easy; a combination I am fond of. There is a pattern for the scarf on the right below, but you almost do not need it. Hoping to finish the scarf for this winter. And here’s to the family staying put in Hokitika for a while, I want to go back to Sock World Hokitika and buy more!

Image on left courtesy of and image on right courtesy of

A First Treasury Inclusion

There are aspects about this electronic world that are just as real as a person to person interaction, especially in your own reactions.  One of my items has featured in a Etsy treasury entitled Pretty in Pink by Robyn Faye Designs, and I am so excited!  Someone has stumbled across something I have made in this large marketplace that is Etsy and liked it enough to include it in a themed collection all of their own choosing.  Cannot help but make you feel good.  (There is my scarf on the second row)

Pretty in Pink

My Etsy shop is still very much in its infancy.  I am playing around in my spare time with a few product ideas.  Though as a full time working mum of one joyous toddler spare time is best described as a little scant.  I literally have two more scarves that have been sitting on a shelf beside me since at least before Christmas just waiting for me to sew in the ends and photograph (evidence below).  I am easily distracted by the next new thing…!  But I am having fun, and as the saying goes better late than never, those scarves will make it to my shop.

Made in North Melbourne

I have done it!

A sense of achievement is a wonderful feeling, and I have it right now.  I launched my Etsy shop (Made In North Melbourne) this week.  My original intention was to wait until I had five items before launching the shop, but I had also set myself a go live target of the 30th June.  I achieved neither and have gone ahead anyway!  I am calling it a soft launch.  The reality is that I have another three items completed, that just need the final finishing of sewing threads in, so in a short while there will be more stock. The pieces I have started with are simple, but already my creative ideas are starting to flow; I scribbled a design on paper this morning, and without the simple that would not happen.

I am very proud of myself.  Towards the end of last year this was just an imagining, which I didn’t let go, and now it is real.  Especially now that I am back to full time work.  Have I said how much I miss my non-working Fridays and spending the day with my little girl – three weeks and counting every one of them.  In honour of my daughter the first item is a toddler girl’s scarf.  And perhaps with both effort and luck, who knows I may get more than just my Friday’s back!

There is an end of season wool sale

Not having had or made the time for a post lately the last thing you think I would be doing is buying wool, because clearly time on my hands is not in glorious abundance. However the flyer that came in the post-box advertising a 50% end of season sale on wool at Lincraft that started today caught my eye on the weekend. And for once in a truly rare blue moon (as in I cannot remember the last time this occurred) I had no meetings whatsoever in the diary – I sadly live by outlook when I am at work!  And evenly more sadly rarely stop for lunch, routinely eating at my desk.

And so with an excited spring in my step off I went into town on the tram at lunchtime. And look what I came back with.  wool lincraft melbourne

Now I had an intention in mind – scarves for the little girl, and perhaps one for myself.  She loves to wrap things around her neck, including the fluffy tie off my dressing gown which remarkably looks like a child sized scarf.  And you know here is my get rich slow scheme…an Etsy shop selling children’s scarves, reckon it has potential.  But  it suddenly dawned on me after the purchase that I could perhaps make a scarf for the mother-out-of-law or sister-out-of-law for Christmas.  So my plan is the red for me, the pink, white & green bobbly for the M-O-O-L if it works, and the pinky-white for the little princess, and perhaps a first Etsy line…  Not bad for a big outlay of just $13.94.