Dinosaurs and round tuits – in underwear terms

I cannot take credit for more than about 1% of this post, it is totally inspired by the Real Women’s recent post, The Underlying Truth, absolutely worth reading. Would you believe I went out a day or two later and made my first overdue purchase!

What on earth am I talking about? Letting old, ratty, tatty, underwear become the norm. I am, or rather I was, of the always wearing, did not own anything other than matching underwear brigade. I have always thought that my initiation into bras set me on this path. Acquiring your first bra is a major milestone in any girl’s life. I can visualise this first bra almost as if it were yesterday. Purchased with my Dad, yes that is right, with my Dad. Where was my Mum? At home. To this day I have no idea why it was Dad rather than Mum. I remember clear as day his guidelines to me in the store – anything as long as it is not black! If I pause for a moment I can recall walking into the changing room to try on my intended purchase. And with all my friends getting the skin coloured trainer bras what did I come home with – a light aqua lacy number courtesy of Bendon (a fabulous NZ underwear company, which brought us Elle Macpherson Intimates, among other great brands). And as the saying goes the rest is history.

round tuit north melbourne

Now of course I have not abandoned matching underwear entirely, but certainly way more often than not since motherhood. And probably making it worse is that plenty of what I own is in the ‘it probably should not even be used as a duster‘ category! To shame myself further the last new bras I bought were all maternity bras (at least I am not wearing them anymore!). However since my child has just turned five (proof below) ‘overdue purchase’ is a slight understatement. I knew this, I have had intentions, but clearly needed a round tuit. So thank you Real Women for being my round tuit. I wandered into town last Friday and came home with a new bra and matching underwear. When I put them in my underwear drawer it was immediately obvious and really hit home how dinosaurian the rest are. I then felt totally fabulous the next day when wearing the new – there is better shape and fit in the new compared to the old. I will not be stopping this behaviour. The proverbial asteroid is wiping out my dinosaur underwear. Anything you haven’t got around to?

5 year old birthday cake rainbow north melbourne

Baked last week – proof of 5 years!

Stating the obvious

What did I learn on Friday…that I need some child, other half, and work free time on a regular basis. And also think that time should be during the week. Now I do not mean every week (though that might be nice…). It just hit home that I need to escape work and family and just be me, something that rarely makes it to the top of the ‘to do’ list. Probably have known this for a while but perhaps afraid to admit it aloud. Though have said a version of this before – the whole life is too crazy, rant of a working mum springs to mind. Friday was in hindsight a needed reinforcement. Life has got too crazy again, and an action plan is in the making.

In the interim here is evidence from Friday. I was heading home after an appointment to continue work rather than head to back to the office. Instead I actively waylaid myself at the shops, wandering here and there, stopped and ate a late lunch, and it was all fun! The photo does not clearly show it, but the black at the back is two items not one, a pair of trousers and a black jumper. If you are going to confess – have to ‘fess it all up!

How do you find me time amongst the madness of work and motherhood?

North Melbourne

Drive for Cheaper Now

If you are anything like me, you end up doing quite a lot of shopping around online – always looking for the best deal.  You may even recall many, many moons ago I coined the term mum-onomics, and it made reappearances (here and here).  Sometimes I can and I mean literally spend hours looking at options.  And then I get really annoyed at myself for wasting so much time.  My worst habit, which I am trying to break, is doing the searching and then sitting on the fence and not doing the booking or buying, and then having to go back another day and repeat everything I have done previously.  Talk about wanting to shoot myself in the head!

So needless to say, I have become very familiar with sites that do the hard work for you. Did you know there was a new kid on the block?  I did not, but I do now.  And “new” maybe the wrong word, “new for me” is what I really mean.  Did you know there is a car rental hire site equivalent of iSelect or Webjet, called DriveNow?  If you want cheap car rental at Melbourne Airport and around Melbourne (not to mention the rest of Australia, and actually a fair chunk of the world!) you can never go astray with DriveNow.

You have to check it out for yourself, but they bring all pricing together and make it quick and easy to find the best deal.  There are no fees or cancellation charges, and what I like is that there is no need to pay a deposit or supply credit card details in order to lock in the deal.  My kind of booking!

So Mum-onomics 4: There are websites out there that have already taken some of the leg work out of finding the best deal.  Make use of them, leaving more time to shop for something else!!

Have I spawned a shopper?!

Now I will confess, I am not your typical consumer.  The notion of heading off to the local shopping mall on a regular basis has not been activated in my DNA, it is not something that fills me with the thrill of living.   Continue reading

A wee treat

I am quite a big believer in the saying “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”, and today I found exactly that.

cupcakes north melbourneSo what did I find … I found Natalie’s cupcakes.  Now I am a regular omnivore, but these happen to be vegan cupcakes.  They were divine, and good value – always a winning combination in my book. Today I purchased four different flavoured mini cupcakes for $3.  As you will see in the photo there are only three, that is because I just couldn’t wait and had to eat one!  I was thinking that for many mums there is a keenness to return a body shape to a former glory (by the way I think post baby bodies are glorious just the way they are). But I reckon what a great way to have a little bit of what you fancy and not feel bad!

North Melbourne Market North Melbourne MarketSo where did I find these?  At the North Melbourne Market, hosted by the Thread Den that takes place at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street once a month.  It has been running for a few years now.  I always had the intention of going for a look-see, but for some reason the hardly exorbitant $2 door fee had put me off.  Fortunately last Spring Fling there was free entry and so I ventured in for the first time.  There was some amazing craft items for sale. I remember thinking if you were looking for an original gift this would be a place to come shopping.  A flyer came in the mailbox and I noticed free entry, which was sufficient to entice me for a second visit.  Funnily enough have now found out that it is now free entry on an ongoing basis, so suspect may become a more frequent visitor.  I would certainly go back for Natalie’s cupcakes!

Living under an Etsy rock

We were extremely overdue in putting something on the walls of our daughter’s bedroom.  Very shamefacedly the only pictures on the wall for her to look at have been her parents’ degrees – not particularly eye catching and she may think we are putting pressure on her already – a tiger Mum & Dad we shall not be! Continue reading